Problems With Mini Implants?

Infrequently patients are dissatisfied with their mini dental implants.  Although, usually this procedure is quite successful sometimes problems persist. Like other technically challenging dental procedures, mini implants take an experienced practitioner to solve problems.  in most situations, the way the denture is attached causes the problem and can be easily solved with a critical eye.  Try going to and call the referral service.  They will be able to hook you up with an experienced mini implant dentist in your area to solve your problem.  Their phone number is 888-258-6085.

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Benjamin D. Oppenheimer, DDS, FICOI

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Case Study of the Month

Here is a case study for you to evaluate. I welcome your responses. I will give my evaluation at the end of the month.

A dentist recently placed 6 size 15mm max MDI implants for a patient CUD retention with Standard IMTEC Housings (MH-1). The procedure went well, however, when the dentist saw the patient the following week the gum tissue was swollen and had covered a good portion of the implants. As well, there appeared to be a "circle of pus" around each implant head. However, when the dentist touched the area there was no exudate-it was the tissue itself that had become a pale whitish yellow. The patient claimed he had taken all his antibiotics but he was disappointed with the denture and said that he thought it would be tighter. All 6 implants were rock solid at his second visit.

1. What is the diagnosis?
2. What actions should be taken?

More Kudos

Ben, just a short note to thank you for all your help so far getting up to speed, especially in the area of single units mini-implants. You are generous with your time when we talk and a good " coach ". The designs and the stints have been very helpful. Keep up the good work! And pass my praises to Noah and his team as well.

With appreciation, Harris Rittenberg

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